Thursday, May 31, 2012

Page Up

Hello blogging world. It's been awhile, but that it because I have been contemplating a lot of things regarding blogging. I thought about deleting this entire blog and becoming a recluse, but that seems pretty unhealthy so instead I've going to revitalize it.
I've actually gone through and deleted some posts that maybe I can't relate to anymore. I've changed so much in the past few months... really just since Christmas time of this past year.
I still love old things of course but I think I've switched eras to some extent... I buy science magazines and write down goals for my life on a regular basis.
I suppose I am trying to grow up. I will be 25 next year after all.
Also I'm a youth leader now and I'm aware that I'm around kids ten years younger than me... I really don't want it over my head that I've been any sort of bad example. They're all cool teens anyways.
This post is a bit rambling, but I just have a lot going through my head right at the moment.
So to conclude, I am going to start updating again on a regular basis, but I will avoid any stupid updates about how I wish I was living in the 60's because that isn't true anymore. I like living right now because I have the entire future ahead of me and I get to make of it what I want.
The sky is the limit isn't it?:)