Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh sisters lets go down, down to the river to pray

I love the story of my grandparents. Basically my grandma grew up in west Virginia, working in a factory from the age of like 14, while all the men went in the coal mines.
Her future husband(my grandpa, obviously) hitchhiked to bible college with his bags and saxophone. He became a pastor and met my grandma in church where she played the guitar and sang.
Though she told me before she met him she had tons of boyfriends and snuck out her window at night to see them. haha

They traveled around the country to different churches in this, from what I've been told.

On their honeymoon

She's the one in the middle, that stands out the most haha.

I'd love to grow up to be like her one day


  1. I love these posts about your grandma. Her life seems like a movie I need to watch. And the photos are always beautiful!

  2. Her life practically was a movie; And from what I've hear she was like, the belle of her town. I can see why haha

  3. My grandparents were from West Virginia too... small world. I've met so many W.V. people lately.
    Your grandma is pretty much my latest role model.