Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sound and Vision

Okay I'm taking a cue from one of the blogging girls I follow and doing a post (a month early hah) corresponding with my upcoming birthday. Since I will soon be 24, here are 24 things about me. If you get bored halfway through this... I will understand.

1.) I am obsessed with dying my hair. My signature color has been any form of red for the past 7 years. Currently I look like a flame head. I'm thinking about adding some dark pink soon though... I have always liked pink hair.

2.) I really don't watch TV. It's not for any moral reason or because I think I'm above it... I just hate almost everything on TV. All I will ever watch if I do watch it is Food Network, Vh1 Classic, Reruns of old shows, and recently I've been laughing at the new Beavis and Butthead (though I still think the old ones are better because they had good music videos. Also I wasn't allowed to watch those when they first aired and only saw them at other people's houses hah).

3.)I don't mind getting older at all. It's weird, but I actually feel younger now then I did when I was 20 or 21. I think as I get older I know better to avoid needless stress and drama queens.

4.) I hang out with my mom and brother a lot. I would probably hang out with my sister more if she lived in the same city as us.

5.) Sometimes (actually like everyday) I wake up and just pretend I'm somewhere else all day. I have a pretty active imagination. I pretend like I'm a town of foreigners and I don't speak the native language. I've been happier since I've started doing this.

6.) I didn't sign up for school this semester, the reason being that I want to travel after the beginning of the year. A missions trip perhaps or something. I really want to go to Russia or someplace Northern European.

7.) I have to admit... that sometimes I just want some McDonald's or Taco Bell. I am just not a picky eater (unless it has mayonnaise on it... I put my foot down for that).

8.) I don't enjoy boys who look like mannequins or Ken dolls. I also don't enjoy boys who blast southern rock music, wear skynyrd shirts, and cut their hair very short. I do enjoy boys who love church, have longish hair, want to talk about sonic youth, Seinfeld, or puppies, and are bad to the bone guitar players.

9.) I am obsessed with reading musician and band biographies. I don't know why, but I think it might be because if I love something or am a fan I just want to know every fact about it. I'm not really casual about things. I go big or go home hahahahaadahf

10.) All I ever want to listen to now is 80's synth jams that are cheesy, 90's alternative, girl music, punk, and David Bowie. It's the only stuff that won't depress me anymore.

11.) I do not buy expensive beauty products, but I wish I did. I'm simply to broke most of the time. One day maybe...

12.) My current favorite movies are The Labyrinth(hello Bowie and Muppets. That is a recipe for success), Pretty in Pink (80's, Molly Ringwald, Crazy record store friend, Ducky. All good things) and any Charlie Brown movies because they remind me of being little.

13.) I love Christmas scented candles. They just seem to make EVERYTHING better. Bath and Body work marshmallow peppermint and gumdrop scents are currently on my candle wish list.

14.) I love Iggy Pop lately. He is just so crazy and old I love him. I YouTube his interview and performance of "I'm Bored" from Australia's 'Countdown' anytime I need a spring in my step.

15.) I always have big hair. It isn't intentional it just happens, but I'm not complaining.

16.) I think any cake that doesn't have frosting is only half a cake in my opinion.

17.) I am loving coffemate's sugar cookie flavored creamer right now. I am so sad that it is a limited edition holiday thing.

18.) I love looking up songs on Songmeanings.com. I don't know why, but just reading all the different people's interpretations about the lyrics makes me laugh or think usually.

19.) Sometimes I want to go back in time and kick my 18 year old butt.

20.) My best friends are all girls and it's really a good thing to me anyways.

21.) I like to go out of my way to be nice to people who get made fun of. Even if it means I might get associated with them and get made fun of too. I always remember what being made fun of feels like and I have empathy.

22.) I really love kids lately. Especially the kids I get to teach music too, they always make me feel like I'm actually doing something.

23.) I love to make lists about all my plans for the next year. It keeps me looking ahead instead of backwards.

24.) Sometimes all I feel like I care about is over the hill musicians and not being fake. It gets tiring but what can you do?

This list feels haphazard to me, but I did my best:)


  1. Dang! I love that sugar cookie creamer too!

  2. That creamer gets you everytime!

  3. That coutdown "I'm Bored" video is great! This is a nice list, I really like number 21 :)

  4. I LOVE that countdown video, and pretty much any Iggy video I've seen on the tube LOL. I want to see him live at some point.
    And thankyou so much kind lady:)

  5. I enjoyed reading this :) happy holidays!!