Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Waving goodbye to this year and listening to Prog and Punk

I love the end of the year and beginning of a new one. Starting over is one of my favorite things to do in life, because I think I have become good at it. There is nothing more freeing than waving goodbye to something, someone who doesn't need to be in your life, or just seasons of your life that are over. I am good at doing these things.
I can feel myself changing in many ways and it makes me happy rather than sad.

 I don't seem to idolize rock stars in my mind the way I used too. Don't get me wrong, I'm still an avid fan of a lot of music, but I don't think these people are any better than me or the average person anymore. They all wrote songs I didn't enjoy or sold out or did something else disappointing at some point. They are only humans like the rest of us. I don't get offended anymore if they do something I don't like. It is usually a relief actually because it proves they are just like the rest of us.
I regret sometimes that I rarely like newer music. It's just that there is SO much music recorded just from the 20th century, that I really think I'm going to have to listen to all of it before I can move on. I find new(new to me anyways) bands to like on maybe a monthly basis, just from going through the catalogues of older albums. I find it harder to obsess over one band or singer for a very long time anymore. I can like them a lot, but can't only listen to that one band for months at a time. I am always relieved when my obsessions with musicians or bands end, because it means I can move on to something new.

I think one of my favorite things though is over thought out concept albums, which is probably why I have a hard time liking anything coming out right now. It probably comes from my love of reading, but I just like the story aspect of concept albums.
I've made a really big leap this year as far as what I've listened too. Two of the things I've listened to the most in the past six months has been old punk rock and ambitious prog rock bands from the '70s. Trust me I get the irony in that. I've read many, many rock biographies (many about the punk movement in particular) and I realize they were formed as a sort of backlash against prog rock. I mean Johnny Rotten was asked to be the lead singer of the Sex Pistols because he had on a homemade "I hate Pink Floyd" t-shirt (I have to add that even though I love Pink Floyd, I still love that story). I understand why punk bands had to form. Not everyone wants to listen to a 30 minute song with 10 minute organ and guitar solos, with a complex back story. Here's where the kicker and eye opener came in for me though: I wasn't around for either of those eras, so I get to enjoy them both simultaneously if I choose to. THAT fact alone has completely changed my attitude about the decade I was born in. I don't have to deal with the punk police telling me Pink Floyd is a bloated old dinosaur, or snobby trained musicians telling me The Clash can't play their instruments. There is a freedom now. You can like any combination of anything you want and no one is going to care.

                                       Johnny Rotten formed a career from hating Pink Floyd (haha)

Pink Floyd formed a career off of their original leader going insane(poor Syd)

I am very happy I wasn't born until the late 80's. I live in the age of information, and I can find videos and albums of any band of notoriety from whatever decade I like. I can listen to "London Calling" -The Clash and then "Nursery Cryme"- Genesis(I don't care what anyone says, Peter Gabriel era Genesis is absolutely great) back to back any day of the week.

Peter Gabriel and his middle shaved head have earned a place in my music library.

Who knows what I will find to listen to in 2013? The sky is pretty much the limit as far as I'm concerned.

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  1. here, here.

    i was born within those span of months where prog had run out of great ideas, and punk was born. i couldnt imagine getting through a week without healthy doses of each.

    someday i will make a mixtape full of punk/prog juxtapositions.

    although lately i have only been listening to grouper.