Friday, July 30, 2010

Too many kids, not enough indian folk singers

So once a month my church has a choir and band dinner where everyone is supposed to bring a dish, drink, blah blah blah. These dinners are typically themed like Breakfast food, Italian, Mexican, ect.
Last nights theme was homecooking? It was a very vague theme. It resulted in me bringing one of the worst pots of chicken and dumplings Ive ever made, about 50 bags of chips brought by various people, molly's delicious corn THAT I GOT NONE OF!, and Kfc chicken/Little Ceasers pizzas.

The problem with these dinners is every one we have, people bring more kids and less food.
The kids all went in the line first and ate EVERYTHING which is why I missed out on Molly's famous corn.

I am not a fan of children.

So, earlier this year someone sent me youtube video of Karen Dalton, saying I would like it.
Well I've been mildly obsessed ever since.

She was a folk singer in the 60's and American Indian but sounds sort of like Billie Holiday.
Played Banjo and twelve string acustic guitar.
She also has teeth missing and all the attributes that would allow you to never be able to cut a record today.
Go listen to "Katie Cruel" and "It Hurts Me Too."

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