Monday, August 9, 2010

Take a look, it's in a book...

Okay it can be said that I have always been a bookworm.
It's okay to say that now that I'm older, but in school I was just weird and quiet and hung out in the library a lot.
I Especially love Biographies about musicians, Stories about Southern old ladies, and any book aimed at Teenagers.
I Sometimes like classics too... anyways This is my Favorite Book List!:

I know, I know... No one reads this anymore apparently, because everytime I mention it people freak out about how long it is.
My first GWTW experiance occured at my cousin Melodee's house when I was 14. I had actually seen the movie once before when I had mono, but obviously didnt enjoy it that time.
This time we were having a hair dye slumber party and I wanted to dye my hair black.
I put the dye on my head and then got too caught up in Tara and Rhett Butler and left it on for over an hour. My hair looked like a black hole.
So since I loved the movie, I finally read the book last year and I absolutly loved it.
Make fun of me if you want, I care not.

I just realized I also saw this movie before I read the book... hahaaa.
I saw the movie when I was in middle school and really liked it.
I realized it was a book about 2 years ago and of course went out and purchased it. Wow! It blew the movie away, and the movie is great.
Jeffrey Eugenides is an astounding writer. It takes someone who is just that good to take a story that deals with suicide, but not make it a book about suicide.
It's a story told from the perspective of a group of guys who, as teens in a 1970's era Michigan suberb, obsess over a group of 5 mysterious blond sisters. Since the story is told from the boys point of view and never from the girls point of view, they are just as mysterious to the reader as they are to the boys.
This book has a few ackward parts of course, and I would only recommend it if you can handle a book that's not all sunshine and happy endings.

This is the first book I ever read in one sitting. I was in 7th grade and I loved it.
I have since read it about ten more times for nostalgias sake.
A story which most people can relate to about the injustices of social status and how it can get out of hand to the point of violent ends.
The protagonist is of course Pony Boy Curtis, as he navigates us through his neighborhood of "greasers" and the rival gang of "socs".
While greasers and socs now sounds dated the whole concept is still relavent. I also don't care at all that this book is aimed at 14 year olds.
It will have me "staying gold" for a long time.

This one is soooo good!
Told by Melinda a girl going into the 9th grade with " the wrong attitude, a skirt she hates, and a stomache ache."
She is ostracized all her freshman year and retreats internally to the point of hardly speaking.
All her "plain jane" friends from junior high have moved into separate cliques, leaving Melinda completly alone in a sea of passing faces.
This book is also dark at points, but it is very well written and very hard to put down.
Even though I didn't experiance everything that happened to Melinda in the book, it totally reminded me of how I thought and felt at school when I was that age.I highly recomend this one.

I love the Beatles and I love John Lennon, so I picked this up at the Library one day when I had nothing to do. Before I read this I had already read a big, thick John Lennon Biography so I wasn't expecting much from this book.
I actually enjoyed this wayyyy more than that huge bio.
This is simply his and Yoko's last major interview before John was tragically killed.
It shows how normal his whole life was and how happy and hopeful he seemed at the time. He talks a good deal about "Double Fantasy" his last album which was about to come out, and he explains a lot of Beatle songs too.
This book even changed my mind about Yoko a bit... I had a little more empathy for her after reading this. If you are a John fan, this is worth a read.

This book has old lady written allover it. It is funny and makes me think of my grandma and my mom.
I also just think it's funny that this is on my book list.
If you want to read a book in the same vein as an old lady made for tv movie than you should read this.

I have already done a post on the Boyd sisters, so needless to say I am a fan.
I loved this book, it was fascinating to me. George is my favorite Beatle so It was interesting to see what it must have been like to be married to him and also be living in "swinging 1960's London". Patty has lived a very memorble life and crammed a lot in, and written very eloquently about it.
Good Read, and short and easy. All my favorite things rolled into one.

Other Books That deserve mentions in my favorite Catagory are, Love is a Mixtape, The BellJar, and Most rock bios.
I'm currently reading White Oleander for the first time, and my next must read is Smart Blonde by Dolly Parton.
What are your favorite books? And if you don't read books, then why on earth not?


  1. I love the book the outsiders, I also read it in 7th grade.

  2. Yeah 7th grade was a good year man haha