Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In recent news....

1.) I have decided to re-do my room. I am going through some weird transition... or something. I clean things now, give away my clothes on a regular basis, take things off my walls, and watch the same movies over and over again. I am not sure why any of this is happening.

2.) I am obsessed with going on walks. I don't know why, but it clears my head and makes me feel like things are under control. I am not a jogger or a gym person... I actually don't like working out per se, but I LOVE walking. It's an everyday thing for me know. I've also lost ten pounds in the past few months, probably from all that walking.

3.) I wear nice make-up now, use nice shampoo and conditioner, and only buy face wash from sephora. This is such a 180 for me... I always feel weird spending a lot of money on beauty products but the harsh facts were that my skin and hair weren't as good as they could be. So now I wear MAC and Urban Decay, use Redkin smoothing shampoo and conditioner, and wash my face with Murad twice a day. I tell you what ladies, sometimes spending a little extra is worth it. My skin looks better and I don't have to use half as much make-up/shampoo as I used to.

4.) Oh I turned 24 three days ago. It was a weird birthday to be perfectly honest.

5.) I have been wanting to watch Pretty in Pink and Back to the Future for the past month and I have no idea why. I can't explain most of the things I like anymore.


  1. I recently started to use nicer beauty products as well... and I really love it! I can't afford to buy all new makeup right now, so I'm waiting until what I have runs out so I can then get the fancy stuff. I recently got the urban decay naked eyeshadow palette and even though its all neutral colors, I still really like it. It goes on smoother and it's more pigmented. My new fave!

  2. Yay another convert! I wear makeup everyday so I decided to think of spending more as an investment. I use urdan decay liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, and eyeshadow base and it all works great! I never need to reapply. For my face I took a tip from my sister and just use concealer and MAC powder foundation. Honeslty my skin hasnt looked this clear in years:)

  3. yah I've been re-decorating my house as well...its been a while :)) following u on GFC>..i love what you cover..follow me back :)) have a nice day

    xoxo hanz

  4. I love it when u do lists! always manage to make me smile jess

    btw loving how red ya hair colour is in ya profile pic! Red is still quite popular with teenagers and girls our age over here , not all can pull the fabulous shade off tho ;-) but it so suits you !!! :-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by fashionista I will definitely follow you back! And Thank-you too Summer, I'm always happy to help someone smile:) And thanks for the compliment you're hair looks really awesome yourself: )

  6. happy late bday jess! i always love your site - it's so personal, honest and lovely.

    i tagged you for an award called the game of elevens on my site. hope you do it!

  7. Thank-you Alexis! And wow what great complements considering your blog is one of my personal favorites. I would love to do the game thanks for nominating me:)