Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thoughts for now

In recent news:

I cut my hair into a shag the other night with Christmas scissors. It makes my hair look constantly messy now which I'm okay with.

I started painting this week as well. This is my first one.

I'm finding myself pretty ambivalent about being in any sort of relationship right now. I'm much more creative when I'm not in one and also, well not as STUPID.
Anyways, any man who wants to catch my attention will be competing with all my old man rock and roll crushes.
I swear I think my head is always in the clouds.


  1. I love your hair!
    totally agree with the men part! I'd rather be happy & single instead of having a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend.

  2. Thank-you Kirby!:)
    I agree, I just don't think its the most important thing in the world like people make it out to be. Whoever I end up with will contribute to my creativity and wisdom instead of take it away, and visa-versa. That's important to me.