Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just in case of sunrise

This blog entry is slightly different than other ones I usually post F.Y.I.

Last week was one of the craziest weeks of my life so far. Valentines day was approaching, as was my sister's due date which was set for 2/16/12.
On Valentines Day, my mom and I decided to head to the city my sister lives in which is an hour and a half away. We decided to stay the night and be there just in case.
At about 1:30 in the morning my sister is groaning in pain and having contractions so we rush her to the hospital. Me and my mother sit in the waiting room until 4 in the morning. I fall asleep sitting up in a chair. The nurses there decided to give my sister 2 ambiens and send her home... I was half asleep but I knew that this sounded like a terrible idea. It was terrible, because she was hallucinating by the time we got her home and also still in tremendous pain. I have never been around anyone in labor before, but I'll never forget it. I got perhaps an hour of sleep, because I could hear my sister screaming in the next room until sunrise. Finally at 10 a.m. we decided she's going back to the hospital, even though they told us not to bring her back until the afternoon. We were in the hospital from 10:30 a.m. to 10 o'clock at night. Baby Aaron was born a tiny 5 lbs. 7 oz. He was very cute and I was excited to be an aunt.
So me and my mother had to drive back to our town to get more clothes because we were going to come back the next day to help with the baby. We got home around one in the morning.
The day I worked for half a day, and then wondered where my mom was and if we were going back to my sisters. I was informed around 5 in the afternoon that my dad had, had a very unexpected heart attack.
Off I went to a different hospital in a different town. I cried in the hospital and was still too tired from the day before to think straight. My weekend went by in a blur. My dad survived and was very lucky that he did. The doctors said that if he had not always taken care of himself he would have died because he has a genetic condition apparently.
Right now I'm very thankful my dad is alive and that I am a first time aunt.
I didn't even think about boys this Valentine's day because I was thrown into life and realized there are things more important.
I feel more grown up now just from the past week than I wanted to be, but I don't regret that.

Here are a few pictures from last week I snapped when I wasn't operating on 2 hours of sleep.

I have a weird milk obsession right now. I mixed it up a little and got some strawberry Nesquick that day. I party hard.

A family of kids gave me this on Valentine's day and it's my favorite Valentine's gift I have ever received.

This is Aaron, my nephew. He gets the that expression and the lips from his mom.

This was me at my sister's shower a few weeks before. It just demonstrates how I am still feeling at this moment, so I guess this shot is prophetic. I'm tired.

I'm believing things are going to start looking up now, so I'll be sure to update with some great news that it is. I apologize for a somewhat heavy blog entry, but that's just life sometimes. Heavy.

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  1. I am so happy your dad is OK, what a blessing for him to be well and for your nephew to be born. Congratulations and I hope you are doing OK and all is well!

    Much blog love,
    Raquel xx